Autumnal Urban Outfitters Try-On Haul & Review

If you are even a semi-regular reader of my blog (or have simply read my twitter bio) it should be evident to you, and everyone else who knows me, that autumn is the season I hold most dear to my heart. While I am an ardent lover of Christmas, my disdain for the new year and my fixed adoration for all the glorious facets of the autumn months mean as a whole, autumn will always win out. One of my many favourite things about the season is autumn fashion, when it is finally acceptable once more to live and breathe burgundy, navy, every skirt cut I can think of, woollen EVERYTHING and fun layered looks. If I could, my autumn wardrobe would be the only things I wear (and believe me, I do try).

It’s reasonable then, that shopping trips in autumn are also my favourite of the year, as my favourite style and cut of clothes make their seasonal appearance. This particular autumn, I’ve been aching for something to match the beautiful velvet t-shirt I bought in Forever 21 last winter, not quite knowing how to style it. It was only when the fashion queen herself, Cara, suggested that a black corduroy skirt would be the perfect complementary piece, did I finally know how to proceed. It wasn’t long before my quest for the cord skirt of dreams led me to my favourite store, Urban Outfitters.

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Disneyland Paris Summer ’16 – Day Two Part One

(you can read day one here

The first day at Disneyland had been a manic and magical day, but my concerns about how limiting my disability may be on this trip had been eating away at me in the back of my mind all day. (For those of you who might not be aware, I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and in this instance I was particularly concerned about how my waves of fatigue would impact what I was able to do, especially since I struggle to stand for extended periods of time). With one of my most beloved rides, Big Thunder Mountain, closed for an extended refurb, my brother and I were itching to ride Crush’s Coaster, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to, due to the sizeable queue this low-capacity rollercoaster always attracts. Instead, we opted to rope drop Walt Disney Studios Park on our second day in order to be among the first to ride, as well as see the parks newest show that has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, Mickey and the Magician.

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#BookGoals – Five Books To Read By The End Of The Year

Though I don’t discuss this very often, I am a huge lover of reading. I’ve been an avid reader since before I could actually read, obsessing over my book collection as a toddler and delicately turning the pages, and bouncing home with excitement from school when I finally received my first book with words in to read independently. That passion for the written word has never faltered, though this year I’ve found I haven’t been reading quite so ardently as in the past. In an attempt to rectify this and to commit to reading every single day, I’ve complied a list of five books I’m determined to read by the end of the year.

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Disneyland Paris Summer ’16 – Day One

If you know me even a little, it’s probably very clear that I have a lot of love in my heart for Disney Parks, and class all of those I’ve visited as some of my favourite places in the world. The week before last I was incredibly lucky and had the chance to visit Disneyland Paris with my family, as a celebratory trip. My last trip to the Resort was for my 18th, almost three years ago in the 2013 Halloween season. This trip was notably different for a number of reasons (different season, new rides and shows, longer trip, not my birthday) and ultimately proved to be even better than the last one, something I didn’t think possible. I had such a magical time, and I can’t wait to share all the wonderful adventures I had with you all.

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Top Five: TV Shows That Feel Like Summer

Though I pride myself on being a generally optimistic person, I typically do not hold much love in my heart for September. Perhaps this is simply lingering association with starting a new year at school and all the upheaval that would accompany it, but nonetheless September is often more of a transition than an event. The balmy summer days of August remain fresh in my mind, while thoughts of the Autumnal heaven of October only serve to remind that September is loathe to embody the crisp, cool evenings of Fall. If you, like me, wish to ignore the lacklustre transitional month and instead cling to the last days of summer, what better way than to binge-watch some of my favourite shows that provide a slice of summer all year long.

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20 Facts About My Disney Life Tag

Of all the various blog post formats, I think tag posts rank highly among my absolute favourite to write. Not only do your friends and readers get to learn more about you and your views, I always end up learning something about myself too, as I’m pushed to think a little more closely about how I feel over various topics. The lovely Lizi  tagged me in the “20 facts about my Disney life” tag, with a warning that it’s considerably more difficult than it seems to find 20 different facts about how Disney impacts and influences our lives. I quickly found this to be completely true, and so I’ve adjusted the format a little, adding in facts from my childhood and teen years pertaining to Disney. It’s so heart-warming to see how profoundly Disney has impacted my life, and I’m so incredibly happy to have gained so much from it, especially the wonderful friends it has brought into my life. Let’s start the tag!

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MCM London Comic Con: Mini Haul

Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of my favourite UK conventions: MCM London Comic Con. I first discovered the world of fan conventions back in 2011, and curiously enough the first convention I ever attended was the May 2011 MCM London Comic Con, known at the time as MCM Expo, at age 15. Since then, my love for the quirky,  vibrant and friendly convention community has not wavered, as I continue to attend around two conventions each year. However, though MCM is the reason why I feel so at home in the world of conventions, I hadn’t attended an MCM event since 2013. MCM’s May London event is recognised as the largest Comic Con in the UK, and consequently is the busiest convention in the country, with ever-increasing prices. For these reasons, as well as discovering other conventions I found more enjoyable, I had stayed away for a few years. After three years, I finally felt ready to return to the wackiest con of them all, and opted to purchase a Sunday ticket to avoid some of the crowds.

This proved to be a successful approach, and one I’ll be sure to adopt again in October. Not only were crowds lighter, but Sunday is typically considered the best shopping day of the convention, with vendors determined to return home with minimal stock. Not only did I arguably have the best experience yet of MCM this year, I also bought many lovely items from various exhibitioners. I love discovering new independent stores to make purchases from, so I thought it fitting that I share my new treasures with you all too.

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